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Little Tsuki Inu is an NFT technology project and the first to produce tangible NFTS, or as we call them,”tNFTs.”
All of our tNFTs contain tangible elements that can be enjoyed and displayed in the real world.
This NFT project is taking the next logical step in NFT/blockchain technology by bringing it to the physical world.

Contract: 0xcdf6e6d4b5c840478a4b38a5c4222



The Origin Story

The first tNFT we released was a digital image that had a 3D printable code embedded inside. It also contained a custom music track and the model. The next phase of tNFTs are real-world objects as NFTs. We are partnering with projects and NFT artists to create custom works of art using our tNFT technology. Part of our vision is to release this tech as an app and allow everyone with a cellphone to tokenize any physical object to create their own tNFTs. We want to bring this fun, new tech into the palm of your hand!

Future for tNFTs

We are releasing the first ever NFT marketplace for tangible items. We will have APIs created for partners that will connect their NFT marketplace with ours. Allowing tNFTs to be hosted by many other marketplaces. When the app is complete it will allow the world to easily and securely create their own tNFTs and list them on the marketplace. NFT artists and projects around the globe will use our tech to create their own tangible NFTs. We will be the OpenSea of tNFTs.


Little Tsuki Inu launched on the Ethereum blockchain (ERC-20) on Wednesday Oct. 27th 2021

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Token Evolution

Little Tsuki Inu strives to be one of the most unique tokens in existence. This project is possibly the first evolving token. When certain milestones have been achieved, the token will evolve. Each achievement brings a direct reward and every evolution produces a new tNFT and better rewards.